Frequently Asked Questions

Four Corners Career Services LLC

What is your fee?

Consultation is free and we do not get paid unless you win your case.  Fees are set by the Social Security Administration and are 25% of what is awarded to you if you win your case (up to 6,000).  Social Security Automatically Deducts these fees when you win.

How do I know if I qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Good Question, please give us a call at (407) 572-1581 for a free consultation.

What is a Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation?

A Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation or CVE is a report that is compromised of a medical, psychological and social history that is integrated with the results of academic, psychological, cognitive, abilities, interest etc. testing in order to 1.  Recommend whether an individual can work

2. Determine appropriate accomodations, training and other considerations would be necessary to work.

3.  Help Determine an individualized job goal.